The pristine waters and the serenity of the beach always calm the soul of those who want to wander into nothingness. Luckily for the people of Toronto, Woodbine Beach is within their reach if they need a temporary escape from the mundane, the boring and the chaotic. It is said that among the many beaches located in Toronto, Woodbine Beach is among the most popular choice for the community.

Woodbine Beach Toronto

Of the four significant beaches that highlight Lake Ontario, Woodbine Beach boasts the largest in terms of land area. People frolic on its sand, building castles, playing volleyball, or going out for a barbecue party. Among the many features that this beach possesses, it is mainly defined by its rocky sands and a lining of smooth rocks that your feet will touch once you decide to submerge in the water.

If you’re looking for a quiet place to nap, the Woodbine Beach may not be the best solution to your woes. Unlike the other less-frequented beaches, the Woodbine Beach displays a more rowdy and fun vibe for activities and summertime love.

In the Woodbine Beach, you’ll also discover a particular area which was named as “The Cut”.  This place is riddled with wooden wonders and once hosts a community of Toronto island-style cottage dwellers. As time passed, Toronto recognized this as one of their cultural landmarks.

For special events and holidays, you’ll find thousands of people gathering up at the Woodbine Beach to witness the fireworks display, especially on Canada Day or Victoria Day. The Woodbine Beach is located at the edge of Woodbine Avenue. This made the beach susceptible to storms, gushing winds, and the intervention of time paved the face of a half-moon shape that is now known as the Ashbridges Bay Park.

You can visit the place on any given day just as long as you know how to get there. You can take the 92 Woodbine Bus or the 501 Queen Streetcar, or a private vehicle on your day to spend at the Woodbine Beach. However, make sure that you arrive before 10 in the morning as parking lots in Ashbridges Bay Park fill up quickly by that time.

Because of the consistent Blue Flag classification of Woodbine Beach, you can swim with security and confidence. Certified lifeguards are always on duty and can be found on their posts looking out for everyone’s safety.

Aside from basking in the glory of the sun, sand, and waters, you can always go for a game of volleyball as the Woodbine Beach has more than 90 volleyball courts that are located on the Western portion of the Beach. Since these courts are suitable for public use, you won’t need a membership or other shenanigans to use them. However, a lot of people use them on sunny days, and if you can’t get one as early as you’d like, chances are, you’ll have to wait for another team to finish playing before you enjoy volleyball with your friends.

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