Pruning the trees on your property can be a large undertaking but if you have experience in taking care of your property maintenance then it makes sense you will continue to take on the task of pruning the trees you have. Here are some tips for pruning the trees you have to make the task a little easier, and perhaps slightly more enjoyable for you and your family when the time comes.

Pick a good time of year

It’s almost always recommended to trim or prune a tree during its dormant season. While you can technically do it whenever you want, this is just an overall recommendation to follow for best results during its active season. The only exception to this is if there’s some kind of hazard or danger and you need to trim it right away to get rid of the situation.

Size matters

When removing a tree branch, you should consider the size of it. If it is under about 2 inches in diameter you’re more than likely ok to remove it in any situation. If it’s between 2 and 10 inches in diameter then you may want to really consider why you’re removing it and perhaps consult with a landscaping company. If it’s over 10 inches you probably shouldn’t do it, but if it does need to be removed for a good reason you might want to call in a professional to make sure it’s handled properly and won’t damage the tree.

Get rid of the weak ones

When trimming a tree you don’t want to cut off strong branches, but rather you should get rid of the weakest ones. In order to determine which ones are weak look for ones that form a ‘V’ shape with the trunk rather than a ‘U’ shape. These branches are weaker than the ‘U’ shaped ones and should be the ones to be trimmed. Also, of course, any dead or hazardous branches should also be trimmed.

Keep enough live branches

After you have completed trimming or pruning the tree, the crown of the tree should take up about two thirds of the tree’s total height. If you cut away too many healthy branches the tree may be permanently damaged. If you aren’t sure how much you should trim away then it’s ok to call in a professional for assessment or a consultation. This doesn’t mean they will do the work for you but it does mean they can give you professional advice to keep the trees you do have looking amazing.

Pruning the trees on your property can be a large project but that doesn’t mean it has to be a difficult one. When you have the experience and know what you’re doing it can be a great family project to complete on a Saturday afternoon. With a couple seasons’ experience on your side then you will be pretty much a professional in no time. Make sure to think twice, and cut once since you can’t uncut a branch and you don’t want to cause permanent damage to a tree that has taken so long to grow.

If you are not a DIY person or just want the tree pruning done for you, there are many tree company’s out there who you can hire to come and do the pruning. They will have extensive knowledge on the process and most will have years of experience.

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