Tree cabling and Bracing


Cabling and bracing is a service most tree care companies provide to their clients to ensure they can save the trees on their property for as long as possible. As trees grow and age, sometimes their branches become weak but the tree itself is still really strong and doesn’t need to be cut down. If you have some older, bigger trees on your property then cabling might be the right option for you. Here’s what you need to know about how cabling and bracing works.

So, what is it?

Tree cabling and bracing is a process where structural supports are placed to reduce the risk of weak branches or stems from failing, and falling. They work by limiting the amount of movement these branches have, especially during storms, so they are less likely to snap and fall.

What are they made of?

The cables are usually made up of extra high strength steel that is attached to bolts on the upper crown of the tree. Braces, though, are a little difference. Braces are made up of thread rod that is put through groups of weak branches or multiple stems to prevent twisting of the branches that can happen during inclement weather.

When do I need cabling or bracing?

You should always have a professional arborist come out to your home and evaluate the condition of the trees on the property. They have the experience and the knowledge to recommend the best course of action and maintenance.

What about lightning protection?

If you have already had lightning protection systems installed on the large trees of your property then the arborist will need to be made aware of this. The conductor of those systems will have to be attached to any support cables in the crown of the tree that are added.

Is it permanent?

Yes. Once the branches are weakened they will need the structural support indefinitely. The support will help you keep the tree on your yard, though, and will help prevent large branches from doing a lot of damage.

Do I need ongoing maintenance?

It is recommended that you have an arborist come out once a year to look over the cabling and make sure it hasn’t been compromised in any way. During this inspection they can also cut or prune any branches that need to be trimmed back. They can also make sure none of the cabling is failing so that you know ahead of time if you’ll need to plan to remove it.

Tree cabling, or bracing, was developed to help save trees and make sure they get the longest life possible. The last thing we want to do is cut down a tree because it cannot support itself anymore, so if you have an older tree that you think might need some extra support then cabling might be the way to keep it alive. Our experience will ensure the cabling or bracing is done right, or we’ll fix it, and that you can rest assured the tree is secure and still enjoy the beautiful shade it provides on warm summer afternoons.

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