When it comes to removing a tree from your yard you should really think through the decision because it’s a very large undertaking. Trees that are dead or have been damaged should definitely be removed from the property, but you could also remove trees if they are not longer esthetically pleasing or beneficial to your property. Here are some tips for removing a tree from your property.


A tree may look as though it’s solely on your property but that doesn’t mean the roots of the trees are also only on your property. Removing a tree, especially if it’s a large tree, may interrupt one or more of your neighbours’ yards so keep that in mind when you’re doing your planning. Always communicate the plan you have to remove the tree.

Assess the Situation

Take a look at the area around the tree you’re planning to remove and see if there’s any obvious obstacles you’ll face surrounding the removal. If there are, and you aren’t comfortable removing them yourself then this might be the time to call in the professionals.

Research Companies in Your Community

Most trees that need to be removed are large jobs that aren’t really meant to be DIY projects so you should consult someone who has experience with removing trees. There are professionals who will help you with this situation and make sure the tree removal goes smoothly and the least amount of damage is done.

Get an Estimate, and Schedule the Removal

If you have found a tree removal company you are comfortable with, and are happy with the potential service they will provide you. It’s really important to get a quote and to speak with the company who will be removing the tree from your yard, but it’s most important that they actually come out and see the tree to make sure they know what they’re getting into and they can properly assess the situation.

Have a Plan for After

The tree will likely leave a huge space in your yard after it’s gone, especially if it’s a old tree that has had a chance to grow to full maturity. You should have a plan for what you’re going to do after the tree is gone. Are you going to plant some other trees in that space, are you going to plant grass there? What is going to happen with the area? It’s very important that you figure out something to do with the space or else you could end up with heaps of dirt and an ugly space in your yard.

Removing a tree from your property is almost always best left to the professionals most because trees are so large, and if they aren’t properly removed then there can be serious damage to your home or your neighbours’ home that you will be liable for. Make sure that you select professionals with experience who will take care of the situation from start to finish.

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