It is a rare opportunity to see an enterprise that aims to modernize and integrate sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for the community. What’s even better is the fact that it houses businesses with the same purpose and same mission. Here’s what awaits when you visit Evergreen Brick Works in Ontario.

A day at Evergreen Brick Works

Shop at Saturday Farmers Market

Nothing more will make you feel one with nature than being able to shop select items that are fresh and locally-produced. Saturdays at Evergreen Brick Works are bustling with life and organic choices that let you live life guilt-free and healthy. A lot of chefs and food producers grace the Saturday Farmers Market as all of the items are guaranteed fresh and supports the local food economy. Plus, it’s open year-round, so you’ll have a variety of food choices every week for ideal nourishment.

Appreciate the View at the Lookout

No matter how busy you are for the day or whatever it is that you plan on doing at the Evergreen Brick Works, it is a must that you hike to the Lookout for a stunning view of Toronto’s skyline. You can also see the CN tower upon sightseeing, and you’ll be delighted to know that there aren’t too many places where you can enjoy such a spectacular view.

Look for Finds at the Artisan Market

Are you fond of searching for those unique trinkets that’s only yours and yours to keep? If you are, then you’ll be ecstatic to know that the Evergreen Brick Works hosts Artisanal vendors every Sunday from May to November. Plus, you can grab a healthy snack or a delicious drink from the food court after a tiring search for exciting finds.

Discover a New Side of Evergreen Brick Works

There are instances that you’ll need someone to guide you when visiting a new place to fully discover the story and what lies beyond what everyone can see. Through a guided tour, you can understand how Evergreen Brick Works functions as a hub and their integrations that tackle art, geology, and sustainability.

Green Finds at Evergreen Garden Market

Are you starting a garden in your home? Whether you are looking for plants as decors or gift items for your green-thumbed friends, you can visit the Evergreen Garden Market for various plant species. You can walk into any time of the year for seasonal grabs or take a stroll to decide which plant you’re going to add to your collection.

Playtime at Children’s Garden

Who says playtime isn’t suitable for adults of various ages? If you’re visiting the Evergreen Brick Works with a child, you can let him have the time of his day by giving him the chance to visit the Children’s Garden. Filled with an interactive play environment that revolves around what nature has to offer, you’re teaching the child to be happy without phones or technology.

Grab Fresh Drinks from the Sipping Container

Done from your organic shopping and is now heading home? Don’t leave just yet! Grab a drink from the Sipping container where fresh liquids are contained into a repurposed shipping container. Whether it’s freshly-brewed coffee, warm cocoa, or craft beer, the Sipping Container has it all for you.

The beauty of travelling lies in one’s ability to immerse himself and surrender to the culture being presented to him. The Evergreen Brick Works is a place that fosters community relationships, sustainable and eco-friendly solutions and more than that, an inspiration to boost the local economy with the help of the people themselves. It may not be as extravagant as other places should be, but its unique aspirations and friendly atmosphere will keep you wanting more.

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