Having trees in on your property is awesome, but they can be a lot of work. If you have experience with regular maintenance then perhaps you can take care of these trees on your own, but you will still need the right tools to take care of them. Here are three tools you shouldn’t be without when it comes to trimming trees on your property.

Pruning Sheers

This is a small, manual tool that is used for simple and clean cuts. It is designed to cut twigs and branches up to about an inch in diameter. This is a fantastic tool to do quick trims or for smaller trees and bushes that might be on your property. You can use this to get rid of twigs and branches growing at odd angles or ones where they make the tree look not quite right.


This is a tool used to cut medium sized branches on most flower or fruit trees. This tool comes in two options: anvil or bypass. If you are trimming or tending to live branches you should opt for the bypass version as it is designed to trim live branches without harming the plant itself. If you are dealing with dead branches or twigs then it’s recommended to use anvil loppers.

Pole Pruner

You might have really large trees on your property with hard to reach branches, or they might just be tucked in a corner of the garden that’s hard to get to. Either way, you should purchase a tool that allows you to not only reach the branches but trim them without any difficulty. Most pole pruners will reach anywhere from 10 to 15 feet high, so they should meet the needs you’d have for trimming your own trees. When purchasing one look for an option that has both a bypass blade and a pruning saw. The bypass blade is good for branches up to about two inches thick, whereas the pruning saw is ok to trim larger branches.

Having the right tools is crucial to ensuring you are able to trim your trees without any issue. There are professional tree service company’s available to landscape your property for you, but if you feel this would be a great DIY project then there’s no reason you can’t tackle this yourself. Make sure you know how to operate and handle each of these tools and that you have purchases the appropriate safety gear before you attempt any trimming. After you have purchased these three tools you will be well on your way to keeping your property looking amazing and making neighbours wonder if you have had a professional come in to help you out.

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